Comicgen is working again and I was able to put up my new comic! Oh, I replaced the title page for Tilly on the 24th of last month with a new one, so check it out. And I'm trying out new banners for the comic, like the one up now. Still working out the bugs and getting help with all of that. Also, there will be a new comic for yesterday, a new one up today, and some bonus art up tomorrow of what some of the characters MAY look like down the line. Then, starting next week, the comic will be on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday schedule, with bonus art up in the other days occasionally. Thanks for the support! 05/25/07
I forgot to mention that the comic will no longer be seven days a week, as I want a little extra time to do bigger pages, and I think a better quality comic will come from going to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday schedule. So there you have it folks! Also I'll be redrawing yesterday's title page because I didn't care for it.

Sorry I've been away and no comic for over a week, but my computer decided that it didn't want to work, and who was I to stop it? But it's fixed now and I backdated three comics so check those out. And another BIG piece of news. After those three comics, and I might backdate a few more to wrap things up, the comic will no longer be called Gothy Mcgee. What? Are you shocked? Well, I'm changing the name of the comic and the format and the premise, but it's still the same characters of Gothy, Dizzle, Jennifer, Tilly, and now George. Things will be a bit different as they find out that they were meant for bigger and better things, but it will still a wacky humor comic. I was feeling a bit boxed in with the "goth" thing, as there are only so many things you can joke about in the goth world, so I'm opening up the comic and making it where I can make stories about pretty much anything I want! Hopefully all two or three of you readers will enjoy the new direction. Please let me know if it works or not! Come back tomorrow for a fresh start!!!!! Oh, before I forget, check out my webcomic review site, jacks webcomic reviews and such, by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the site. Trust me, you'll enjoy it! Later!

My new webcomic review blog, Jack's Webcomic Reviews! is up and running with reviews coming everyday! Check it out and if you want your comic reviewed, email me at or comment on the blog or, well, on the tagboard! Also, the character profile page is back up after being accidentally deleted. I'll get it filled up in the next day or so. Later!

Ouch. So Comic Rankers has finally gotten around to reviewing my comic and boy did they do a number on me. I got a C! Argh! That just reminds me of my High School grades. Wow. Anyway, if you wanna check out the review just click here